Digital Ricœur

Photograph of Paul Ricœur

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Privacy Policy

Digital Ricoœur is commited to safeguarding the privacy of our users and the security of the data in our care. We collect minimal identifying information, and we never share the information we collect: we use it only for the operation of this website.

When you join Digital Ricoœur, you provide us with your name and one or more of your email addresses so that we can let you log in. Digital Ricoœur does not use passwords: instead, we take advantage of the security you already use for your email account. In addition, we keep a log of access to your account as a security measure. If someone else sends you an invitation to join Digital Ricoœur, we keep a record of that invitation until it expires.

Some parts of the Digital Ricoœur website use third-party technologies which are goverened by their own privacy policies. We use reCAPTCHA to protect against spam and malicious attacks. reCAPTCHA examines hardware and software information to determine that you are human. This data is analysed on reCAPTCHA's servers, where it is protected by its own privacy policy. Additionally, some of our data analysis tools are built using Voyant.

If you are concerned about cookies, the Digital Ricoœur website itself uses exactly one, which lets it remember that you have logged in. Third-party components (particularly reCAPTCHA) may use cookies in other ways, as discussed above.